“Serbian Cultural Heritage in Kosovo and Metohija’’ Exhibition

An exhibition entitled „Serbian Cultural Heritage in Kosovo and Metohija'' showing the agony of Orthodox monasteries in the Southern Serbian province during the post-war period was opened at the Gracanica Monastery on Christmas Day.

The exhibition was opened under the patronage of the Ministry for Kosovo and Metohija and will remain open until the 27th of January, Saint Sava's Day. Subsequently, the exhibits will be displayed in many European cities.

'I worte that the pictures were showing the agony of the Serbian Church in Kosovo and it is probably because of this that the General Secretary of the Council of Europe, Mr. Terry Davis, didn't approve that the exhibition be displayed in Strasbourg', the Bishop of Ras and Prizren Rt. Rev. Artemije said when he opened the exhibition.

He stressed that, however, the exhibition will be shown in Banjaluka (Republika Srpska) and many European cities, in order to familiarize the world with Kosovo's reality.

Source: www.rts.co.yu