St. George Serbian Orthodox Church in Cincinnati - 100th Church Anniversary

V. Rev. Petar Petrovic, parish priest of the St. George Serbian Orthodox Church in Cincinnati, Ohio is pleased to announce the upcoming 100th anniversary celebration of his parish. He greets all readers with the following message:

Dear Brothers, Sisters and Friends,

We are delighted to bring to you news about our 100th Church Anniversary on October 25th, 2009. His Grace Bishop Dr.Mitrofan, Clergy from Indianapolis and Columbus, and St Nicholas Church Choir from Indianapolis will be our guests.

To honor the 100th Anniversary of St. George Serbian Orthodox Church, a Commemorative Book will be produced. Families have an opportunity to purchase space in the Book expressing congratulations for the 100 Year Anniversary. Colored or black/white photos of your family may be included. Please consider purchasing an ad and/or making a donation for this historical event. Deadline for the Ads is September 20. Please use the Ad Form enclosed. (For info please email Fr. Petar at

Prices for the Ads are as follows:
$130 Full Page$80 Half Page$50 Quarter Page

A Free Banquet Lunch will be served immediately after church service. Please help us celebrate this important event! Donations are welcomed.

Our parish also intends to completely renovate our church building so that it will proudly represent our Orthodox faith and culture in Cincinnati. First steps are already being taken in organizing and planning the entire project. Our goal is to raise donations from our faithful to make these improvements.

This renovation will ensure our presence and ministry in the Cincinnati area as well as preserve our faith and tradition, and provide our community with a nice place to gather, worship and celebrate until we build a new Church.

Our main renovation goals are: To completely renovate the Altar inside as well as the Church interior. To purchase the Holy Table, the Oblation Table, Standing Tables for Icons in front of Iconostasion, Bishop's Throne, Standing Table for Icon in the center of the Church as well as the Standing Table for the Children's Icon, Choir Stand, Icons, and a Cabinet for Vestments and Books in the Altar. We also plan to install new Carpet or Hardwood Floor in the Altar and Church, replace all windows and doors, upgrade the parking lot, and improve landscaping and sidewalks around the church. We will also need volunteers for some painting and construction work.