After 40 years, the icon of the Pec Mother of God embraced the walls of the Patriarchate

On the fourth Sunday of Lent, when the Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church prayerfully remembers Venerable Father John Climacus of Sinai, a festive Liturgy was officiated in the ancient Serbian srauropegial Laura of the Patriarchate of Pec.

After the Liturgy, a procession with the holy miraculous icon of the Pec Mother of God went in a sacred procession around the monastery walls of that ancient, all-Serbian shrine. It was the first procession after forty years in which a miraculous icon was carried around the outer walls of the Patriarchate.

This great reliquary of the Serbian and Pan-Orthodox world was carried on the hands of the mother superior Haritina and the sisterhood of the monastery. During the cross procession, a prayer for deliverance from a contagious disease composed by the Romanian Patriarch Daniel and the Acathistos to the Blessed Virgin Mary of Pec were read, while the walls of the monastery and its surroundings were sprinkled with sanctified Epiphany water.

Upon the completion of the sacred procession of the icon of the Mother of God of the Pec Patriarchate, the sisterhood of the monastery once again offered a warm and heartfelt prayer for deliverance from the corona virus, a monstrosity that has affected our people and the whole world,  and for good health and salvation of all.

Recall that throughout the tumultuous history of our people, in times of great turmoil, infectious diseases and tribulations, the icon of the Mother of God of Pec was carried in a procession through the city of Pec, Metochia, performing miracles and helping those believing

Source: Montenegro-Coastlands Metropolitanate