After five years four Serbian women come back to Djakovica

Four Serbian women from Djakovica, drove out in the March pogrom in 2004, have come back to restored objects of the Serbian Orthodox Church which are located in a centre of the city. Since Poljka Kastratovic, Jela Mijovic, Nada Isailovic and Vasiljka Peric were evacuated on March 17, 2004, they have been living at the monastery of Visoki Dechani and have been waiting for a moment when it would be possible to come back to Djakovica. In a process of the restoration of demolished sanctuaries of the SOC , in Djakovica has been completely finished the guesthouse and the presbytery. The driven-out Serb women have moved to the guesthouse, which had lived here between 1999 and March 2004.

This is a comeback to our house and our home. I lived here 40 years, and God will give that our church of the Entrance of the Theotokos into the Temple. What makes me really happy is that a restoration of it is starting soon, this year. For ten years monks have taken care of us, and all that we need we get from Dechani and we feel their love and care anywhere we go, said Poljak Kastratovic. Four Serbian women came back to Djakovica followed by the monks of Dechani and the Dechani heugomen, a vicar Bishop Teodosije of Lipljan.

Nada Isailovic said that she never had lost her faith in the comeback although she knew and did not forget what had happened in Djakovica before March 2004.
- I lived close to the church and every day I was coming followed by Italian soldiers. I was pelted with tomatoes, eggs, was hurt several times, but I did not want to leave Djakovica. They swore and pelted the Italian soldiers then because of defending me. All area where is the house for those who come back and the presbytery in Serbian street in Djakovica is surrounded by a wall, and people who are coming back are secured by KPF policemen.

Source: Radio KiM