Appeal from Archbishop Selwanos Boutros for the safety of Christians in Saddad& Homs in Syria

To all international, humanitarian and religions organizations and institutions and to who have a humanitarian role in the world, To all people with good intentions in the world

I call for you today on behalves of all the innocent people including elders, women, children, young men and women trapped in an areas, where we can’t reach them nor can they reach us in Sadad and Alhafar. I appeal to the groups forbidding them from leaving sieged areas and to negotiate with them an evacuation in a safe way where they wouldn’t be harmed. Allowing them to move to Derattiah direction or in Homs direction where we will be waiting to receive them.

I ask all who can reach the organizations in the world and who know the pressure points as you can and dialogue with them to contribute to this work and to ask for evacuate them without any harm noting that they’re not suffering yet but lacking power, water, phone services with little of food & lots of young babies needing formula and sick people in a need for medicines. The number of those people exceeded 3000 persons not allowed leaving and under a lot of pressure forced to stay against their will.

We are trying to contact all organizations & all our people in the world to coordinate with us in a good manner without using harsh words that could affect the safety of the residents here.

Kindly post this appeal on your sites, your pages, newspapers and media and communicated with those who can play a positive role finding the right solution to free them.

We, on our part do appeal to them in the name of God to have mercy on those innocent people who have no guilt in any conflict and that to let them out unharmed and to treat them with kindness.

Asking and praying that God helps them with patience, strength, hope and courage, health and wellness.

Lord … Lord …. Lord …. Do not let them alone… 
Archbishop Selwanos Boutros Alnemeh 
Homs & Hama Archdiocese of the Syriac Orthodox Church of Antioch and All East

Source: OCP Cognate page