Archbishop of Cyprus: The end of Saint Mamas was and should have been martyric

The great and celebrated Mamas, the patron of the wounded, celebrated brilliantly at the suffering island of Cyprus, both in its free zones and in its occupied Cathedral in the city of Morphos.

Archbishop Chrysostomos of Cyprus officiated the Vesper for this great Martyr of the Church in the homonymous sacred Church in the refugee settlement of Lakatamia in Nicosia.

Chrysostomos emphasized that the time of the great Martyr Mamas was the most productive for our Church in terms of martyrs, since pagans were outraged and condemned in the 3rd century those who were advocating  Christianity.

“No matter how young Mamas tried to spread God’s word to his contemporaries, his martyrdom was inevitable. And if we truly desire to become true people of God, we must, like our great Martyr, open our hearts to God; only with this fullness of God within us will we be able to succeed in this life and in the eternal”.