Archbishop Damianos of Mt. Sinai in hospital after accident in monastery

His Eminence Archbishop Damiaos of Sinai, Pharan, and Raitho, and Abbot of St. Catherine’s Monastery has been in the hospital for over a week following an accident inside the monastery on January 29, Romfea reports.

The archbishop fell in an elevator shaft in the monastery from a height of 13 feet. The Egyptian government immediately sent a military helicopter to carry His Eminence to the Al-Galaa military hospital in Cairo, where he is still being treated. The hierarch, who has been archbishop since 1973, is recovering well.

The Egyptian Minister of Defense Sedki Sobhy visited Abp. Damianos in the hospital yesterday, assuring him, “We are all with you. The armed forces, the whole world, and the president of the country Abdel Fattah el-Sisi are with you.”

For his part, the archbishop expressed his heartfelt thanks for the assistance sent to him by the government.

“The angels protect you,” the minister told the archbishop.

“You know, Mr. Minister,” Abp. Damianos replied, “falling from the elevator shaft in the monastery, at a height of several feet, I didn’t wear a parachute, and the angels didn’t grab me… But, in the end, they protected me…”