Assumption festivities opened with an exhibition of icons in Kragujevac

On the occasion of the Assumption, that the Cathedral Church has been celebrating for 140 years as a church Patron`s feast day, the priesthood of this church with a blessing of Bishop Jovan of Sumadija organized for the first time this in  2010 the Assumption of Our Lady festivities which would last from August 23-28 2010. The festivities began with an exhibition of the works of the students of the Academy of the SOC for arts and conservation from Belgrade which was opened on August 23, 2010 at 7p.m. in the Diocesan centre.

At the beginning, presbyter Zoran Vrbaski spoke to the present on behalf of the priests of the Cathedral church who firstly thanked the management of the Higher school - the Academy of the Serbian Orthodox Church for arts and conservation from Belgrade, and especially the dean protopresbyter-staurophor Radomir Popovic and other professors, for a great love they showed by accepting the invitation of the brotherhood of the Cathedral church and making this exhibition. He especially thanked Mr Dragan Bosnic, professor of caligraphy and anatomy and graduated fresco painter Mr. Vladimir Skerlic, the author of tonight's exhibition, and particularly professor presbyter Zeljko Djuric, the lecturer at the department of Theology of icon.

Professor Djuric greeted all the present saying that through this exhibition students of the Academy talk with their works, and that their permanent exhibition consists of walls of the churches and monasteries in which they paint icons.

Source: Diocese of Sumadija, presbyter Zoran Vrbaski