Biography of the elected Bishop David of Krusevac

The elected Bishop David (Perovic) of Krusevac was born on July 17, 1953 in Djurakovac, in Metohija (Diocese of Raska-Prizren). The primary school he attended in Istok, Djurakovac and Pec. The grammar school he finished in Pec (1972).

He studied literature at the Philological Faculty in Belgrade, and also Film and TV Directing at the Academy for theatre, film and television in Belgrade (1972-1976). He studied Theology at the Theological Faculty of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Belgrade (1977-1983).

He became a monk at the Imperial Laura of Visoki Decani (1983). He lectured as a assistant teacher in seminaries of St. Three Hierarchs in Krka, and Sts. brothers Cyril and Methodius in Prizren (1983-1989).

He prepared a PhD thesis on the theme Communion of the Holy Spirit according to the Teachings of St. Basil the Great, in the class of patrologist  Stiliyanos Papadopoulos , at the Theological Faculty in Athens (1989-1994). As a assistant, and then a docent , he continuously teaches Christian ethics (with Ascetics) and Ascetic theology at the Faculty of Orthodox Theology in Belgrade (1995-2010). The study of Civilization of pictures (symbol, picture, sound), and other published works (25), are recognized as an equivalent to the master studies and the work at the parent faculty (1996).

Theological subjects Dogmatism and Ethics, he thought at the Spiritual Academy of St. Basil of Ostrog in Srbinje (1995-1997).

He was engaged with French philology at Sorbonne and at the French Alliance for languages in Paris (1995-1997 and 1999).

He began the PhD thesis on the theme Christology of St. Maxim the Confessor on the basis of Letters XII-XV and XIX (1999), at the School for High Studies at the Sorbonne, in the class of Professor Alain L- Boullueque, patrologist.

He was engaged in the church mission for the reception of Orthodox Old-calendar users the French – Occitans (area of Gascony) within the Serbian Orthodox Church, as well in the negotiations with the French, the members of the Orthodox French Church (LECOF), regarding their reception within the Diocese of France and Western Europe.

The PhD thesis on the dogmatic-patrologic theme Pneumathology of St. Basil the Great, he defended at the Faculty of Orthodox Theology of the University of Belgrade (2002).

He was appointed an Assistant Professor at the Department for Christian Ethics (with Ascetics). In the meantime he was appointed for the lecturer at the Department for Ascetic theology (General course) of the parent faculty (2005-2007).

His works and translations he published in the church magazines and at other publishers. He was contributor on books, textbooks, magazines, monographs, collections, anthologies, as well as translations (theological texts, hymnographies, religious education, literature, theory and exegesis of film, philosophy, and science). Translations from Greece, French, English and Russian. He publishes books.

He collaborated in the development of documentary films and television shows and series (ABC Book of Orthodoxy, Religious teacher at home, Church and language, Planet Kosovo, Karzes – Door of Orient, Life according to Gospel). He is cofounder and script writer of the film studio Naos, at the Faculty of the Orthodox Theology in Belgrade, and within the Publishing Fund of AEM/SOC.

He is participant of local and international Christian meetings and festivals (Belrgade, Fruska Gora, Ohrid, Struga, Tese, Lavardac, London, Essex, Torino, Moscow, Optina, Nitrian desert, Rotterdam), theological and scientific symposiums (Belgrade, Athens, Alexandroupolis, Thessaloniki, Paris, Oxford, Cairo, Jas, Sibiu, Boze, Srbinje, Zagreb, Peroj) and panels (Belgrade, Novi Sad, Subotica, Pozarevac, Prijepolje).