Bishop Atanasije : About Oicumenism and Ecumenism

 О икуменизму и екуменизмуForeword
When the brotherhood of Saint Simeon from the Monastery ofTvrdosh initiated publishing of the collected works of Bishop Atanasije (what hedid not approve), we have, during reviewing and publishing some works of BishopAtanasije (see Bibliography of hisworks at the end of the book ‘'Jesus Alpha and Omega'', Vrnjci-Trebinje 2004'')come upon a few his earlier and recent, published and not published texts about Ecumenism. In these texts Bishop distinguishand divides Ecumenism further: so there is Orthodox Oicumenism andEcumenism, which he divides on Roman (=Roman Catholic) and Geneve (=protestant)- so we asked him to publish it separately in a book which is already here , infront of readers.

АпостолиWe believe that these texts are going to be useful in informative, spiritual and theological way to serbian reader nowadays, in a time when there is much hubbub againstany ‘'Ecumenism'' without reasoning and ‘' distinguishing spirits'' , which spiritualand theological distinction here Bishop Atanasije manifest and as an orthodox theologianrecommend.

ГосподThe text ‘' Orthodox Oicumenism'' was written in 1970 ( onwhich, in great part, continues Bishop`s foreword in his translation of The Sacred Canons of The Church ,Belgrade,2005,p.9-29)and is a well known for some time, and it shades light on all other collectedtexts here, while other texts are partly known or unknown to the public - so thatis why we are putting them out.

In the end, since the Orthodox Church identity of us, the Serbs, also comprises our church and national language and the Cyrillic alphabet, we add at the end of the book a smallBishop`s text ‘' About Serbian, the Cyrillic language ‘', which is unfamiliar butof a great significance.



1. Orthodox Oicumenism

Appendix I : Holy Trinity andChurch

2. Ecumenism of Geneve

Appendix II : View on the text of WCC from Geneve

3. About Dialogue with Monophysites

4. About Roman Catholic Ecumenism (1)

4a. About Roman Catholic Ecumenism (2)

Appendix III :One Letter to St.Mark of Ephesus

Appendix IV: Aletter to Monsignor Alojzije Turk

5. About Ecumenism ( Answer to those who respectthe Julian Calendar)


Addendum 1 : Spreading of Uniates on the territories of the Serbian OrthodoxChurch.

Addendum 2: History or histery

Addendum 3: Let us take baptismal and paschal Gospel

Addendum 4:A word to delegation of the SSC in Geneve

Epimetron:About Serbian, the language of the Cyrillicalphabet.