Bishop Teodosije: Of great importance is a restoration of Serbian homes in which is celebrated the Name of God

Christmas has been today solemnly celebrated in Visoki Dechani also, where Vicar Bishop Teodosije of Lipljan has served a Holy Liturgy with monks of the monastery. The joy of Nativity of Jesus monks shared with guests from Serbia and representatives of Serbian communities in Metohija, reports Zivojin Rakocevic, the editor of Radio KIM, from Zvechan. Bishop Teodosije said that Christmas as always has brought a lot of joy: ‘' The God-child came to save the world from man, to save the mankind. We are making efforts to welcome our dearest guest who will give us many gifts from heaven.'' , said Bishop Teodosije and emphasized an importance of the return to Metohija and a need to restore full life of Serbs who return.

" To us is of a great importance the restoration of Serbian homes in which is celebrated Chistmas and the Name of God. For sure is that it is not easy for them, they certainly live in poverty. I want them to experience the spiritual happiness and delight which have been recurring for 2000 years", said Bishop Teodosije.

Vlado Manojlovic of Gorazdevac, has wished to all merry Christmas with a message that the people trusts only one institution - the Church. " I wanted to move from Kosovo to Serbia. Ministers came, gave promises, but no one helped me. And then, they from Dechani helped me, Bishop Teodosije. I started to work and I stayed here.", Manojlovic said. Today also Andrej Dronov, the chief of the Russian mission in Prishtina and Yves de Cermabon, the chief of the EULEX visited Dechani.

Source: Radio KIM