Bishop Teodosije met with Minister Ivica Dacic in Gracanica Monastery

After the participation in a celebration of the Patron's feast day of the monastery of Saint Archdeacon Stephen in Banjska, Minister of Internal Affairs and Vice President of the Government of Serbia Mr. Ivica Dacic visited the Gracanica Monastery where he was cordially welcomed by His Grace Vicar Bishop Teodosije of Lipljan.

In front of the church Minister Dacic was greeted by a local Swedish Commander of the KFOR. After the press release before a great number of journalists, Minister Dacic with his associates had a talk with Bishop Teodosije and heugomene of the monastery mother Efrosinija. Bishop Teodosije informed Minister Dacic about problems of the Serbian people in the Province as well as a recent decision of the KFOR on the security of the eight most important Serbian Orthodox monasteries in Kosovo and Metohija to submit to a jurisdiction of the Kosovo police. The SOC is decisively against this decision.

Source: Diocese of Raska-Prizren