Bishop Teodosije serves memorial service for victims of war in Prilužje on Remembrance Day

With the blessing of Bishop Atanasije, the administrator of the Diocese of Raška-Prizren and Kosovo-Metohija, the Bishop's deputy, Vicar Bishop Teodosije, visited the village of Prilužje in the municipality of Vučitrn today to attend the commemoration of Remembrance Day for Prilužje residents who perished during the last war. On this day each year a memorial service is served for six young men who perished as innocent victims in May 1999: Slobodan Bojković, Predrag Zdravković, Slavujko Miletić, Milovan Zdravković, Slaviša Zdravković and Miroslav Vojinović.

Upon arriving in Prilužje, Bishop Teodosije was ceremoniously greeted in the churchyard by parish priest Milomir Vlašković with many faithful and children in folk costumes. In a short address to the gathered people in the church, the Bishop conveyed the blessing of Bishop Atanasije, expressing joy that the village has so many children and and that the resident managed to survive with the firm determination to remain in their ancestral homes. After the memorial service, which was served in front of the monument to the killed youths, Bishop Teodosije delivered a homily in which he called on the faithful to remember in their prayers those who perished in the last war, the innocent victims - those, as it is written on the monument to the killed youths, "who gave their lives to give us life".