Bishops Atanasije and Teodosije served the Liturgy in Velika Hoca

The Administrator of the Raska-Prizren and Kosovo-Metohija Diocese Bishop Atanasije has served today the Holy Hierarchal Liturgy in the church of St. Stephen the Protomartyr in Velika Hoča together with Bishop Teodosije and the clergy of the Diocese. Bishop Atanasije spoke in his sermon on the Fest of St. Gregory Palamas, the meaning of the Christian life, the Holy Communion and the Liturgical community in the Church of Christ. Many children and the faithful received the Holy Communion.

After the Holy Liturgy Bishop Atanasije distributed sweets and copies of "Svetosavsko zvonce" to the children making jokes and talking to them. Afterwards the Bishop visited the Dečani Monastery wine celler and learned more about the production of wine in the Hoča region. At the end, the Bishop had a meeting with the local clergy.

On his way back to Gracanica Bishop Atanasije visited St. John's Monastery at the outskirts of Velika Hoca. He was welcomed by Fr. Miron, the abbot, and his brethren.

Source: Diocese of Raska and Prizren,