Bucharest Archdiocese tailor shops make disposable coveralls for volunteers who help the vulnerable

Church-affiliated volunteers who help vulnerable persons during the coronavirus crisis will receive disposable coveralls made by the tailor shops of the Archdiocese of Bucharest.

According to a statement by the Social-Philanthropic Department of the Romanian Patriarchate on Monday, the Archdiocese’s tailor workshop ‘Reverenda’ and the embroidery workshop ‘Altarul’ have already made 30 disposable gowns. They will produce another 60 items soon.

COVID-19 patients treated in Bucharest’s hospitals and the elderly isolated in the capital continue to receive food and prayer books from the Volunteers of the Chapel of the National Cathedral.

In March alone, the Archdiocese of Bucharest offered 900 food portions worth 15,000 lei to the vulnerable people and distributed 2,000 bottles of water, one ton of fruit, 1,400 sandwiches, 1,000 pastry products and 5,000 prayer books to hospitals in Bucharest.

So far, the total contribution of the Romanian Orthodox Church to the aid of all those affected by epidemic amounts to 7,153,671 lei (over 1,480,000 Euro).

Source: Basilica.ro