Center of Hellenic Fund for Culture opened in Belgrade

Presidents of Serbia and Greece Boris Tadic and Carolos Papoulias opened this evening in Belgrade the Center of the Hellenic Fund for Culture. President Tadic emphasized during the celebration that Serbs and Greeks have common history, but they will have a common future within the European Union.

President Papoulias said that Serbia and Greece today build together an epoch of peace on the Balkans. " Serbia have all rights to be in EU because of its history, culture and geographic location", said President of Greece, who in last two days in Belgrade has given the full support to European integration processes in Serbia, as well as its endeavor to preserve its territorial integrity in Kosovo and Metohija.

President of the Hellenic Fund for Culture Georgios Babiniotis pointed out that with an opening of this institution in Belgrade starts a new period in cultural relations between two countries.

Bridge of culture between two countries

The Center is situated in 24 Kneza Milosa street, and is imagined as a bridge of culture between Serbia and Greece, but according to Baboniotis, the aim is not only promoting Greek tradition but also to find in an active participation of Serbian artists common elements of cultures of two countries.

Serbia is fourth country on the Balkans in which a branch of the Center of the Hellenic Fund for Culture is opened, besides Bucharest, Sophia and Tirana. An exhibition space on several floors was opened with a multimedia display about illegal trade of antiques which will lasts until the end of September, and it is dedicated to preservation of the cultural heritage.