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Nusra Front frees priest, Christian hostages in Syria

A priest and 20 other Christians kidnapped by Al-Qaeda’s affiliate in Syria this were released Thursday, the Franciscan order said.

“Father Hanna Jallouf has been released this morning ... He is under house arrest at the convent of Qunyeh,” the order said, without providing further details.A Franciscan spokeswoman later confirmed to AFP that the other captives were also released.Rebels linked to the Nusra Front, Al-Qaeda’s Syria branch, abducted Jallouf and the others Sunday in the northwestern village of Qunyeh, near the Turkish border, the order said.

Syrian Assyrians Take Shelter in Istanbul Church

Syrian Assyrians Take Shelter in Istanbul Church
Syrian Assyrians Take Shelter in Istanbul Church
Syrian Assyrians Take Shelter in Istanbul Church
Syrian Assyrians Take Shelter in Istanbul Church

A group of Syrian Christian refugees has taken shelter in an Istanbul church, returning to Turkey almost 100 years after their ancestors were forced from Anatolia by the Ottoman Empire.

The Meryem Ana (Mother Mary) Church of the local Syriac [Assyrian] community in Istanbul’s Samatya neighborhood is also hosting Syrian Armenians and Berbers. Turgay Alinisik, the manager of the foundation for the Syriac community, told Hurriyet that the number of refugees taking shelter in the church was constantly changing. The church provides refuge for all, regardless of their religion or sect, Alinisik added.

Catholic Church supports “maidan” in Hong Kong

Disorder has been going on in Hong Kong for already several days. In the experts’ view, they are developing according to the same scenario as the events on the Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence Square) in Kiev and the Arab revolutions.

Today the Catholic cardinals in the region are supporting the protesters and are even taking part in the disorder.

ISIS threat to crucify Lebanon's Christians as Islamic State prepare to cross Syria border

Christians in Lebanon's Bekaa Valley have begun arming themselves in preparation for an Isis (now known as the Islamic State) offensive as it seeks to expand its territorial control outside of Syria.

Up to 3,000 militants from the Islamic State and other jihadists occupy the mountain range between Lebanon and Syria near the Sunni town of Arsal.

The second Lausanne-Orthodox Initiative (LOI) Consultation

The second Lausanne-Orthodox Initiative (LOI) Consultation was held at the serene St Vlash monastery in the Albanian capital of Tirana from September 15 to 19, 2014.

According to Revd Canon Mark Oxbrow, Facilitator, Lausanne Facilitator for Orthodox-Evangelical Relations, the final commnique issued states “that relationships between Evangelicals and Orthodox engaged in mission have not always been positive. But with the efforts from LOI which is working towards increased mutual understanding and healing of wounds, in order to collaborate more effectively in God’s mission.”