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70 years of the World Council of Churches

In 2018 we celebrate the 70th anniversary of the World Council of Churches and the fellowship that is its heart and soul. This is an opportunity to mark the achievements of the past 70 years in working for Christian unity and action, and to look to the challenges ahead as a fellowship of churches responding to God’s call for unity, mission, justice and peace.

Let's celebrate throughout the year!

The WCC, its member churches and partners are planning a variety of events to move us forward on our ongoing Pilgrimage of Justice and Peace, and at the same time honour and learn from these 70 years of ecumenical endeavour.

The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, the WCC Central Committee meeting in Geneva in June, a joint consultation on sustainable development with the ACT Alliance in Uppsala, exactly 50 years after the WCC Assembly there: the anniversary year of 2018 will offer many opportunities to focus firmly on envisioning our common future: united in faith, eager for witness, and fearless in the quest for justice and peace.

Assyrian Organizations Ask Iraq to Recognize 1933 Massacre of Assyrians

A coalition of four Assyrian organizations from the Unites States, Canada and Europe has sent a letter to the Iraqi government asking for official recognition of the massacre of Assyrians by the Iraqi army in August, 1933. Called the Simmele massacre, it was conducted in the Assyrian town of Simmele and its surroundings by the Iraqi army and Kurdish and Arab irregulars, between August 7 and August 11 of 1933. At the time massacre drew world wide attention. It also drew the attention of Raphael Lemkin, the international lawyer who was moved to coin the term “genocide” as result of the Simmele Massacre and the Turkish massacre of Assyrians, Greeks and Armenians in World War One.

Catholicos of All Armenians Sends Condolences to the Head of the Georgian Orthodox Church

On July 16, His Holiness Karekin II, Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos of All Armenians; sent a letter of condolence to Ilia II, the Patriarch of All Georgia; expressing condolences on the tragedy that took place in the Tghibuli mine. The letter of condolence states in part: “From the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin, we convey our support to You and our brother Georgian people, expressing deep condolences to the families and relatives of those killed in the Tghibuli mine. We offer our prayers to the Heavenly Lord to comfort the mourners and grant quick healing to the wounded”. His Holiness asked for the Almighty God’s blessings to Georgia and her faithful people.

CROCEU meeting with the Austrian Presidency of the Council of the E.U.

A delegation of CROCEU (Committee of the Representatives of the Orthodox Churches to the European Union) met with Her Excellency, Dr. Karin Kneissl, Austrian Federal Minister for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs, in Vienna, on the 13 July 2018, reports. During the meeting opinions were exchanged on the priorities of the Austrian EU Council Presidency and other issues of common interest. CROCEU’s delegation was formed by the Very Rev. Archimandrite Aimilianos Bogiannou (Ecumenical Patriarchate), the Very Rev. Hegumen Philip Ryabykh (Patriarchate of Moscow), and the Very Rev. Archimandrite Nektarios Ioannou (Church of Cyprus).

Arrival of the Ethiopian Orthodox Delegation in Washington DC for Peace Talks : Hierarch’s Embrace Each Other

On Wednesday July 18, 2018, Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia received the delegation of the Holy Synod of the Ethiopian Tewahedo Church in Ethiopia that departed later that evening for Washington D.C. to meet with the delegation of the Exile Synod there to achieve reconciliation between the two groups and end the schism that has lasted for two decades. The delegation that met with the Prime Minister is headed by three Archbishops of the church and includes several prominent lay members of the faith as well.