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Appeal from Archbishop Selwanos Boutros for the safety of Christians in Saddad& Homs in Syria

To all international, humanitarian and religions organizations and institutions and to who have a humanitarian role in the world, To all people with good intentions in the world

I call for you today on behalves of all the innocent people including elders, women, children, young men and women trapped in an areas, where we can’t reach them nor can they reach us in Sadad and Alhafar. I appeal to the groups forbidding them from leaving sieged areas and to negotiate with them an evacuation in a safe way where they wouldn’t be harmed. Allowing them to move to Derattiah direction or in Homs direction where we will be waiting to receive them.

Hopes and aspirations for the tenth WCC Assembly

The 10th Assembly of the World Council of Churches (WCC) begins at the end of October and promises to be one of the most diverse gatherings of Christians in the world.

The assembly will be an opportunity for renewing the worldwide ecumenical movement – infusing it with honesty, humility and hope, according to the WCC General Secretary.

Ancient Iveron icon of the Mother of God washes ashore in Sochi

In the Golovinky district, a micro-district in the Lazarevsky city district of Sochi, an icon of the Mother of God was washed up on shore by the sea. The lady tourist who found it, brought it to the nearest Church—which turned out to be the Church of St. Nino, enlightener of Georgia.

Here it was determined that the discovered icon was the Iveron Icon of the Mother of God, whose first home was Georgia—ancient Iberia.

Pan-Orthodox magnificent slava days of togetherness and spirituality

Despite the heavy rains and bad weather in Johannesburg on 19 and 20 October, when the patron feast-day was celebrated, a great number of parishioners, guests and priests visited the church of Saint Thomas the Apostle. 

After almost five arid and dry months in Johannesburg, we all spontaneously felt  the three-day intensive rain as a great blessing of God and Saint Thomas the Apostle, as well as the blessing of our Patriarch and the dearest guest, His Grace Bishop David of Stobi.  

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Cross set up at the bottom of the Black Sea

Divers set up a cross at the bottom of theBlack Sea in the district of the Karantinnaya Bay in Sevastopol.

Earlier, dean of the Sevastopol churchdistrict Archpriest Sergy Khalyuta consecrated it to commemorate Orthodox Christians perished in the sea.

Orthodox divers initiated setting up the cross in frames of the project the Holy Sea timed for celebrations of the 1025 anniversary of the Baptism of Russia, press service of the Simferopol Diocese reports.