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Rebels Shell Orthodox Elementary School in Damascus,

Nine children were killed and 27 people wounded when mortar rounds hit a school and a school bus in the Syrian capital Damascus on Monday, state television  reported.

“The toll in the  terrorist targeting of the St. John of Damascus school with mortar  rounds has risen to five dead, all of them children, and 27 injured,” a  news alert on Syrian state television said.

World Council of Churches Voices Solidarity with Haiyan Victims

Together with all member churches of the fellowship, Christians and people of all faiths around the world, we pause and pray for those who have been affected by this disaster.

While the official death toll is not certain, Philippine officials say the toll could rise to 10,000 lives lost as a result of the storm.  Already more than half a million people are homeless and thousands more have been injured.

Remembrance Day in Australia

Remembrance Day in Australia
Remembrance Day in Australia
Remembrance Day in Australia
Remembrance Day in Australia

Each 11 November throughout Australian continent the end of the First World War is celebrated in a solemn and touching way. It is the day when one pay respect to all who gave their lives not only in the World War I but in all other righteous wars since then, as well.

Appeal for help!

My name is Tanja Miliskovic, I was born on 08. 03. 1980 and I live with my father Slavko and mother Mirjana in Dobanovci, a small town in Serbia near Belgrade. Our family has lived on the edge of survival for years, constantly struggling in poverty and fighting illness. My father’s disability pension is 12000 dinars (around 105 Euros or $125) monthly and all three of us are forced to survive on it. My mother and I are unemployed and due to the economic situation in Serbia, it is very difficult to find a job here and I only get temporary low paid jobs from time to time, although I am a trained sales assistant.

Pope meets with Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk

Pope Francis has met with the foreign minister of the Russian Orthodox Church ahead of a Nov. 25 visit to the Vatican by President Vladimir Putin.

The Vatican released no details of Tuesday’s meeting with Metropolitan Hilarion, in Rome for a Catholic-Orthodox conference on family values.

SSC condemned the violation of rights of Orthodox believers in Kosovo and FYR Macedonia

The World Council of Churches (WCC ) has expressed deep concern over the issue of respect for the rights of Orthodox believers in Kosovo and also the FYR Macedonia. During the General Assembly the Council issued a public Statement about the politicization of religion and the rights of religious minorities, stating:

"The Government of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia categorically denied the Orthodox Ohrid Archbishopric the right to register as a religious community. The government’s involvement in the legal system of the country resulted in the unlawful confinement of the head of this Church. Lately, Kosovo has been faced with the systematic destruction of over 100 Orthodox Christian holy shrines, as well as reviewing the history in terms of their cultural background, which endangers the existence of the Orthodox Serbs."

WCC urged governments of all countries to strengthen mechanisms that would ensure the survival and protection of the rights of religious minorities. Furthermore, states are encouraged to implement anti-discrimination laws to protect individuals and communities who are persecuted for professing their faith.