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Winter youth retreat in New Carlisle

Winter  youth retreat in New Carlisle

2012 Winter youth retreat – December 26 to December 30. The theme of this year’s winter
retreat is: KEEPING IT REAL

This year we are trying something new. Location of the winter youth retreat, as most of you already know, is going to be at the Serbian Monastery in New Carlisle Indiana – an hour and a half drive from Chicago. We have arranged a bus to pick up and return all those from the Chicago area, as well as those arriving to Chicago. Please also know, there may be a change of location if the number of participants is overwhelming. For now, take a look at the pictures from the Monastery mentioned. It will be a place you will never forget. We will have more details after December 1.

Building Projects in St Paisius Monastery in Arizona

Building Projects in St Paisius Monastery in Arizona
Building Projects in St Paisius Monastery in Arizona

It is with joy that we write to describe the building of our new monastic quarters and guest center.

On the first day of the new year, back in 2001, the sisters of St. Paisius Monastery awoke to their first day on the newly purchased monastery property. Within days, they were already hosting a group of visitors for the feast of the Nativity, celebrated on January 7th. Even bare necessities were still all boxed up but somehow a meal was prepared and all rejoiced. That background scene of trying to make do, while gracefully fulfilling our desire to offer hospitality to those who come, repeated itself time and again over the following decade. For years, the total living quarters in the monastery consisted of a tight 7,000 square feet. Sisters were living in barns and outbuildings, all the while doing their best to offer hospitality to guests, seeking to hide the labor it required for the most minimal of tasks. Food, drinking water, dirty dishes were hauled up and down the back road day after day. Furniture was switched around in rooms to accommodate the pressing needs of the moment, which changed from one day to the next. Underlying all of the many labors was the pressing reality that the monastery (which still just consisted of a ranch house) was not set up to function properly as a monastic center, so even small tasks took great effort.

Cincinnati Parishioner Celebrates 90th Birthday

On November 18th, 2012, we were blessed with another beautiful day to enjoy God’s Creation. A moderately warm day for the middle of November, the fresh air and clear blue skies above Cincinnati, OH added to the celebration of one long-standing parishioner of St. George Serbian Orthodox Church. Mrs. Jennie Pjanic enjoyed her 90th birthday on November 15! During Divine Liturgy Jennie took Confession and received Holy Communion!

Born Eugina George, Jennie is the eldest of two daughters of Romanian immigrants John and Eva, who wanted a better life for their children. She was baptized at St. George Romanian Orthodox Church in Cincinnati, OH and is the mother of two daughters, Georgia and Eva. Jennie worked for over 50 years in the dry cleaning business. In 1975, Jennie met her husband, Mirko Pjanic, who was a Tutor at St. George Serbian Orthodox Church. Jennie and Mirko were married for 29 years before he fell asleep in the Lord. In addition to Georgia and Eva, Jennie has two step-children, Mike Pjanic of Minnesota and Marilyn Davenport of Montgomery, OH. She has also been blessed with seven grandchildren: Bruce, Brian, Travis, Matthew, Christina, James, and Sava.

IOCC frontliners mobilize to aid super storm Sandy survivors

At the request of the Maryland Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD), International Orthodox Christian Charities (IOCC) has deployed members of its Emergency Response Network "Frontliners" to a Disaster Recovery Center in Princess Anne, Maryland to provide trauma counseling to survivors of Hurricane Sandy and to assess the emerging needs of families returning to storm-ravaged homes and coastal communities.

A Japanese Martial Artist Receives Orthodox Baptism

A Japanese Martial Artist Receives Orthodox Baptism

On September 12th in St. Nicholas Church of the Russian Orthodox Church Missionary Department, with the blessing of the Department President Metropolitan John of Belgorod and Stariy Oskol, the sacrament of Baptism was performed over Japanese fighter Tokashi Kishi, reports Tokashi Kishi’s path to Orthodoxy is very interesting and it shows us once again that God's Spirit breathes where He wills.