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Extend a Lifeline with Music - Fundraiser Event Annoucement

Please join Serbs from around the tri-state area and our featured accordionists on Saturday, March 9th at the American Serbian Club (Sarah St., South Side - Pittsburgh) as we "EXTEND A LIFELINE WITH MUSIC"!  Proceeds directly benefit Lifeline, HRH Crown Princess Katherine of Serbia's principal charity.  Lifeline began its humanitarian work in 1993 in response to the tragedies faced by our Serbian orphans, refugees, and the disabled during the decade-long struggles in Serbia.  The organization focuses on helping the disadvantaged children of Serbia and through generous worldwide contributions, Lifeline provides direct aid for those in need.  The lifeline you extend in support of this event will let our disadvantaged hear your voice, give them strength, and help change their lives forever!

Faith “DESPITE” Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome

Could you imagine living in constant, chronic pain? Try to picture waking up experiencing agonizing pain; envision going about your day hurting, and then going back to sleep at night, the way you felt when you woke up, or possibly worse. Every day, every hour, every minute, every second. Now attempt to imagine not being able to get rid of that pain, no matter what you do. It’s always there.

Epistle of His Holiness Patriarch Kirill on the Day of Orthodox Youth

Dear Brothers and Sisters! I express my heartfelt congratulations to you on this feast day of the Presentation of Christ in the Temple and the Day of Orthodox Youth.

Turning my mind’s eye to the events which led to the establishment of this church holiday, we and Righteous Simeon both joyfully greet the Savior Who was brought to the Temple of Jerusalem. But this event, in addition to its historic significance, has another symbolic meaning: in this we see the mystical meeting of the Creator and His creation, the personal meeting of mankind and God.

Patriarch of Jerusalem: Address at the festive season celebration of the Jerusalem municipality

Holy City of Jerusalem, 30 January 2012

Mr. Mayor

Esteemed Members of the City Council,

Fellow Leaders of our Religious Ccommunities,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

In this holiday season, our hearts and minds are turned to that great promise that forms the origin of the Abrahamic traditions. This is the promise of peace. Peace is the foundation of the name of Jerusalem itself and the promise of our very destiny as a city.

Feast day of Saint Sava celebrated throughout Australia and New Zealand

Melbourn (Elaine):  The central Saint Sava celebration in Australia and New Zealand was at the monastery of Saint Sava in Elaine, near Melbourn, where eight thousand believers gathered. His Grace Bishop Irinej of the Metropolitanate of Australia and New Zealand celebrated the Divine Liturgy. The choir Kornelije Stankovic from the parish of Saint Archdeacon Stephen  from Keysborough sang responses.After the procession around the monastery church of Saint Sava, Bishop Irinej cut the slava cake.

Parallels and Reminders: Beside Serbian Holy sites and cemeteries in Kosovo Albanian extremists desecrated the old Jewish cemetery in 2011

Parallels and reminders

Editorial comment as a memorial prayer at the desecrated tombstone of Jelica Stevanovic, the mother of Fr. Atanasije of Decani Monastery.

Looking at the scenes of vandalism at the Orthodox cemeteries from Prilužje to Prizren, including those which are deeply overgrown with weeds and covered with garbage and rubbish, any normal person would ask the question – What kind of society this is and in which direction it is going when such vandalisms are becoming a part of everyday life. It is true that a number of old Serbian churches and cemeteries have survived until our own days in Kosovo, indicating that old Albanians and Ottomans, regardless of their known lack of affinity to Christians, were not systematically destroying their shrines and desecrating their graves. According to the codes of the Albanian society from those times desecration of graves was considered a cowardice because the dead could not defend themselves. After all, even for those who did not believe the Koran which teaches that the harassment of the deceased is a sin, a superstitios fear of desecrating cemeteries is a powerful deterrent.