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Chinese Catholics and Protestants Unite in 'Carry Crosses Everywhere' Campaign to Protest Massive Government Crackdown on Churches

Roman Catholics and Protestants in the Chinese province of Zhejiang have launched a campaign aimed at making crosses and carrying them everywhere in response to the Communist government's continued crackdown on churches.

Asia News reported on Tuesday that the campaign, seeking to protest against the government in a legal and peaceful manner, has been met with great success.

Report: 16-year-old jailed in Egypt for evangelizing

A 16-year-old Coptic Christian was detained in Alexandria, Egypt, on July 13 after he distributed bags of dates to Muslims who were about to conclude their Ramadan fast, according to an Egyptian media report.

The bags included a slip of paper with an evangelizing message and a link to a Christian website.

Two of his friends were also detained after visiting him in the police station, and all were released after posting bail, according to the report, which appeared in the online newspaper Mada Masr.

“The Acts of the Ottoman Empire against Armenians and other Christian Communities in 1915 can only be defined as Genocide,” stated His Holiness Aram I

On July 6 2015, a three-day conference on the Syriac Genocide, entitled “Martyrdom and Faith,” began at Holy Spirit University of Kaslik, Lebanon, in the presence of six Christian Religious Heads of the region. During the opening session, His Holiness Aram I spoke to the conference, addressing the following points:

Press Conference Explaining the Lawsuit of the Catholicosate of Cilicia filed with the Turkish Constitutional Court

“The main purpose of the lawsuit is to demand the return of the See of the Catholicosate of Cilicia and not financial compensation,” stated Prof. Sofuoglu

1 July 2015. On Wednesday morning, a Press Conference organized by the Communication Department of the Catholicosate of Cilicia was held at the Cilicia Museum Hall for the representatives of Lebanese media. Very Rev. Housig Mardirossian welcomed the journalists and introduced the speakers, Prof. Cem Sofuoglu, legal expert on confiscated properties in Turkey, Dr Nora Bayrakdarian, professor at the Lebanese University, Dr. Taner Akçam, historian and expert on the Armenian Genocide. Very Rev. Mardirossian expressed his regrets that Dr. Payam Akhavan, an International human rights lawyer, could not arrive on time for the conference.

ISIS Blows Up Historic Christian Church in Mosul, Killing Four Children

Islamic State militants have reportedly killed four children as they destroyed an historic Christian church in the Iraqi city of Mosul.

ISIS Blows Up Historic Christian Church in Mosul, Killing Four Children
Islamic State militants are known for brainwashing children into joining their group, says a UN children’s representative. The organization says the militant faction are looking to “foster a new generation of supporters,” amongst young Syrians and Iraqis.

Historic church in Bursa province put on sale online

The Greek Orthodox Panagia Pantobasilissa Church, the first church in history whose walls were decorated with frescoes, has been put on sale by a real estate agent named Nusret Akyüz. In the advertisement, Akyüz asks for $1 million for the historic church in Tirilye, a town with several Byzantine churches and many old Ottoman houses. The building is not categorized as a “historical asset” but has rather been placed in the category “buildings older than 30 years.”

Sudan: Christian Girls Leaving Church Detained for Wearing ‘Scandalous Outfits’

On June 25, 12 Christian girls were detained due to their “scandalous outfits” by the Public Order Police as they left the Baptist church in El Izba, Khartoum.

The young women, wearing trousers and skirts, were transferred to a police station; two of them were acquitted on Friday, after the agents of the Public Order Police reconsidered their opinion about their clothes.