Christmas in Visoki Decani Monastery

President of Serbia Boris Tadic spent Christmas in Kosovo and Metohia. Tadic said from Decani Monastery  that today is the holiday of peace and it always provides an opportunity to send a message of reconciliation.

Tadic today after the Christmas liturgy said that in Kosovo above all, it is necessary for people to reconcile among themselves and within their families, but also for the nations to reconcile, to find a solution for troubles and problems which derive from the past.

Serbian President said that the reconciliation awaits us in the future.

The President pointed out that people can not exist without identity.

"We want to keep our identity as the European nation, as well as the common values, just like this monastery is the common value of the world cultural heritage" said Tadic.

Tadic pointed out that Christmas is the day when he was sending the message of peace not only to all his nationals, but also to Albanians.

Day of peace and love

Heugomen of Visoki Decani Monastery Bishop Teodosije emphasized that Christmas is the day of peace and love. Bishop Teodosije said that is the great honor that the Serbian President Boris Tadic with his associates was with us.

Bishop Teodosije emphasized that the obligation of those who were here was to convey the covenant of their ancestors to future generations.

The Liturgy in the monastery of Visoki Decani was also attended by Minister for Kosovo and Metohia Goran Bogdanovic and senior advisor to the Serbian President Mladjan Djordjevic.

The Christmas liturgy was served by Bishop Teodosije with the concelebration of the brotherhood of Visoki Dechani. Around 200 believers attended the Liturgy from all parts of Kosovo, but also from Serbia.

In Visoki Decani Tadic attended the burning of the Yule log.

Because of the Tadic's visit there was a protest of Albanians from the nearby town of Decani

Last time Tadic visited Visoki Decani Monastery on Easter 2009.

Source: RTS