Church of the Assumption of Most Holy Theotokos in Pale a national monument

The committee for the preservation of the national monuments of BiH declared the church of the Assumption of Most Holy Theotokos in Pale a national monument of the BiH. The church was built in 1909, and the consecration was done bz Metropolitan Evgenije Letica. The consecration of the foundation of the church was performed on St. Peter's Day on July 12, 1908 and the rite of the consecration was done by priest Vaso Popovic. More than thousand people were present at the consecration of the foundation. Two and a half months after this event an anexy of the BiH happened, so the building of the church continued under hard conditions. 

Already on August 30, 1909 church was finished and dedicated to the Assumption of Most Holy Theotokos which the municipality of Pale celebrated as its Patron Saint's Day of the town.

The first priest was Djordje Grabez, whose son Trifko was a member of the Young Bosnia (Mlada Bosna) organization and one of the participants of the assassination of Crown Prince Ferninand in 1914.

At the beginning of the First World War in 1914 the Austro-Hungarian soldiers removed the bell from the church and sent to a furnace, which was often then. The church was used during the war to keep imperial horses. During the Second World War during four years a fire burning inside this church.

After the end of the war, the towners of Pale restored their church. The Slava of the church is the Assumption of Most Holy Theotokos, on August 28.

Source: Metropolitanate of Dabrobosna