The Church condemns all violent actions - Metropolitan Theodore Chuadze

We should investigate not only this particular controversy, but also the provocations, which caused this controversy, Metropolitan Theodore Chuadze of Akhaltsikhe and Tao-Klarjeti stated yesterday on the patriarchate’s television station.

The metropolitan responded to the February 29 clash between the Muslim and Orthodox Christian residents of the town of Adigeni.

The metropolitan said that the Church condemns all violent actions. According to him, the Church had not been involved in provoking the issue.

“What happened yesterday was very unfortunate. I want to address the law enforcement agencies. I know that an investigation has been launched, but I would like to address them to investigate not only this particular controversy, but also the provocations which caused this controversy, in order to avoid similar problems in the future," said Metropolitan Theodore.

The Metropolitan called on both the Muslim and Orthodox communities for peace. He told them to calm down and return to their homes.

He also talked about how to defuse the situation.

“Let’s select several people from both the Muslim and Orthodox communities. We will also get involved. The government representatives should also come and we should discuss the issue in a calm situation,” said the metropolitan.