Coins in Trevi Fountain to go to Catholic Church charity, Caritas

1.5 million euros is the amount of money recovered from the coins, which are thrown each year into the famous Fontana di Trevi in Rome. This money usually is spent on charity and social welfare projects.

Over the past two years, a row has broken out between the Rome City Council and Catholic Church, which also includes the well-known Catholic relief, development and social service organizations, Caritas, over who will manage this money. Traditionally, the coins, which are thrown by the tourist for good fortune, scooped out of the Fontana di Trevi are destined for Catholic charity.

Following Pope Francis’ recent visit to the seat of City Council, Palazzo Senatorio, the mayor reneged on her initial decision to keep the full amount fished out of the famous landmark under her administration.

From now on, for the next two years, under the new agreement, the entire amount will be given to Caritas for its charity work, while the municipal company Acea will be responsible for collecting coins from the Fontana di Trevi and the Diocese of Rome will be responsible for the cleaning, keeping and counting of the coins, with the final amount to be published on the municipality’s website.