Commemoration of Saint Sava in Cambridge University

 Ever since the beautiful tradition of commemorating Saint Sava, the first Serbian Archbishop and Enlightener began at the eminent University at Cambridge, with the blessing of His Grace, the Right Reverend Bishop Dositej, diocese of Great Britain and Scandinavia, pastoral relations towards the Serbian students have continued, through the ministry of the clergy, of the deanery of Great Britain and Ireland.

On Sunday, 27th January 2019, with the blessing of His Grace, the Right Reverend Dositej, protopresbyter-stavrophore Aleksandar Ilic, of Saint John the Baptist parish in Halifax, visited the Serbian students at Cambridge University. Some students attended the church and Sunday School patronal commemoration at Saint Sava church in London.

The rite of blessing the patronal bread, wheat and wine was celebrated by Archpriest Aleksandar Ilic, with the attendance of around 40 young students from various regions of Serbia. Mr. Ivan Tanasijevic, from Zrenjanin, had the honour and the pleasure of being the sponsor for this years’ commemoration of Saint Sava. The sponsorship of next years’ patronal commemoration was cordially accepted by Jovan Jovanovic from Belgrade.

Following the rite of patronal commemoration, a festive buffet was served to the great delight of all gathered around the table.

Everything progressed in a warm atmosphere, in pleasant conversation and socialising, to the delight of all students, in memory and in honour of Saint Sava.