The Conference of the Orthodox Youth Leaders held in Tirana

On 14-16 March 2014 the Office of Orthodox Youth of the Archdiocese of Tirana, organized a three-day meeting of youth leaders of all the Orthodox Dioceses of our country. The theme of the conference was: “Zeal for the Lord,” and was held in “Resurrection of Christ” Theological Academy in St. Vlash, Durrës. The event was attended by 55 young people from the four dioceses of the country, and three young Americans who were sent by the Orthodox Mission Center (OCMC), to assist in this activity. It was based on the elaborated program of the young orthodox people of the church of St. Paul, in Irvine of California (USA).

The purpose of this activity was the spiritual renewal and the organizational support to the diocesan youth groups. It was based on three central sub-themes: Wheat, Water and Fire. One of the objectives was to create a model training which can be easily implemented in any of the participant’s parish, assisted by the Office of Orthodox Youth of the Archdiocese of Tirana

Besides the presentations, the program also included: small group discussions, worship services in the church, cooking the bread and the wheat for the Liturgy, learning more of the youth activities in each diocese, educational film, drama and skits prepared by the participants, etc.

This program was offered to young Christians in order to try to make a qualitative change in their lives, to share with others the love of Jesus Christ, and to learn to offer to those who are in need. Eating food deprivation increased the awareness of Orthodox youth to the needs of those people who are hungry, and induced the direct material contribution to those in need. This effort in which participants crossed, helped them to assemble and to ask themselves the question: “From what depends really my life? Only from food or from the word of God? Can we stay indifferent to the needs and the hunger of those in need around us?”

Source:OCP Cognate Page