Creating of federal religious TV channel and guard Internet from immorality

Vice Speaker of the Federation Council Alexander Torshin supported the idea of establishing the Public Council on Morality at the television and backed up the federal religious TV channel. "It should be done because our opponents have tactical superiority at the screen," he said on Sunday at the opening ceremony of the 17th Christmas readings in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior.

Addressing the participants, the senator expressed his concerns with spreading immorality, in particular in Internet, and urged to think how to protect children and teens.

"They always scare us with censure," Torshin said and expressed the opinion that the elder generation should guard young people from pornography and other challenges to children souls.

The Vice Speaker also urged to practice consultations with traditional religious organizations of Russia when adopting important draft laws and stressed that "norms of secular law shouldn't be immoral."

Source: Interfax religion