Bishop Jovan: Historiography of the Holocaust in Yugoslavia

In the beginning of this year the Institue for Theological Research of the Faculty of Orthodox Theology and the Faculty of Security published in English a book whose author is Bishop Jovan (Culibrk) of Pakrac-Slavonia - Historiography of the Holocaust in Yugoslavia. The same book already appeared in Serbian translation by the same publisher in 2011.

It is the text of master’s thesis which Bishop Jovan defended at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem before, today late, Professor David Bankier, to whom this book is dedicated. Professor Bankier was at the same time the head of the International Institute for Holocaust Research – Yad Vashem in Jerusalem, and the present book used all the capacities that Yad Vashem offers to a research-worker, especially the one who, like Bishop Jovan, spent many years working in it.

Reviewers of this book are Simon Epstein from the University of Jerusalem and Milan Koljanin from Belgrade`s Institute for Modern History, the leading world expert for Holocaust. The Book Historiography of the Holocaust in Yugoslavia as a source book has already been used by a great number of the most serious experts for Holocaust, including Michael Feier, Raphael Izraeli, Paul O`Shea and others.

The Christian Heritage of Kosovo and Metohija

Published by the Episcopal Council of the Serbian Orthodox Church in North and South America

This books is a vibrant testimony to the incredible efforts made by the Serbian Orthodox Church to create a spiritual culture, maintain its monuments, and preserve its inheritance in Kosovo and Metohija. This full-color hardcover book of more than 900 pages will act as a beacon to future generations of young Serbian men and women to ensure that the testament of Kosovo will endure all historical tributions.  

Become a Sponsor of this timely monograph! The book will be distributed in institutions, libraries, and other settings.  We welcome and encourage organizations and individuals to become sponsors of this unique publication.  How to become a sponsor?  We have a range of sponsorship opportunities available.  Benefits of sponsorships include recognition in the book and on our website, persional copies of the books, and more! 

Winter 2015 Issue of The Path of Orthodoxy Online

The Winter 2015 Issue of The Path of Orthodoxy is now available online. Read in this issue The Sermon of St. Sava on the True Faith, delivered by Saint Sava during the first Ecclesiastical - national Council in Monastery Zica on the Ascension Day in 1220. Also, Fr. Dragan Kainovic, in his article "In the Days of Fasting" takes a serious look at how important our diet is during Lent, in light of the words and instruction given by our Lord found in Scripture. In his editorial, Fr. Bratislav Krsic, takes a closer look at the role of the so-called diaspora in the mission of Christ's Church and the role all of us play in spreading Orthodoxy. 

You'll find the Youth pages, parish news, Serbian section and much more.

Monks from Kovilj Monastery to perform with Kronos Quartet at Carnegie Hall - March 7, 2015

The Kronos Quartet will perform a piece by Serbian composer Aleksandra Vrebalov “Beyond Zero: 1914-1918″ at Carnegie Hall, on March 7, 2015.

During the past couple of months, “Beyond Zero: 1914-1918″ was shown at the Bill Morrison film retrospective at MOMA in New York City and in Serbia, with The Kovilj Monastery Choir joining Kronos Quartet on stage. The monastic choir joined Kronos Quartet in performance of a Byzantine Chant that ends “Beyond Zero: 1914-1918″, a piece that composer Vrebalov and filmmaker Morrison made in commemoration of the centennial of World World One.

if you would like to help bring five members of the Kovilj Monastery Choir to perform with Kronos Quartet at Carnegie Hall on March 7, 2015,  please click here or on the image above for information on how to contribute.