Haghia Sophia: The First Great Martyr of Christian Art and Architecture

It all started with the Church of Haghia Sophia in Nicaea. Then Haghia Sophia in Trabzon. Both of these glorious Byzantine churches – which functioned for many decades as museums – have now been turned into mosques, a harsh reminder of their forced conversion centuries ago. And this in accordance with recent sudden decisions by modern political authorities.

UNESCO fears of cultural heritage in Syria

World cultural heritage sited endangered, among which, the old part of Damascus, antique “Cities of death” on the north, a Crusader castle Krak des Chevaliers, the old part of Bozrah, as well as the ancient Aleppo

The World organization for culture UNESCO is concerned about the cultural heritage in Syria. Director General Irina Bokova said on Thursday night in Paris that cultural values contributed to the identification of people with their country. “Destruction of one often leads to the destruction of the second”. All sides involved in the fight must protect cultural heritage, she said. The UNESCO received reports on damages of museums and buildings, as well as the theft of cultural property. In addition, there is illegal mining, since such sites are not guarded anymore.

Serbian Exhibition in Perth ready to welcome visitors!

In preparation for the Biennial Assembly of the Metropolitanate of Australia and New Zealand of the Serbian Orthodox Church, which will be held in Perth from 6-7 September 2013, the celebration of Metropolitanate Day on Saturday, 7 September 2013, and the Bishop's Patronal Name Day Celebration on Sunday, 8 September 2013, a special photographic exhibition of Serbian Medieval Architecture, featuring many of our historical churches and monasteries in Kosovo and Metohija, will be held in Perth Town Hall from 1-7 September 2013.