The Dialogue of Civilizations forum in Greece to have over 400 participants

More than 400 politicians, public dignitaries, representatives of religious circles and creative intellectuals, journalists will gather from the 9th to the 13th of October this year on the Greek Island of Rhodes to participate in the VI annual session of the World Public Forum Dialogue of Civilizations.

The main topic for discussion is as follows: "The dialogue community as a model of contemporary development." In one way or another, this subject will come up in the reports presented by participants in the discussions within the framework of nine panels and roundtables of the Forum: religious, political, economics, legal, education and migration.

"In view of certain recent events this year's Rhodes Forum is destined to become the first major public platform in the international calendar that is opening up in conditions of an onset of a sharp global cooling. It is clear that here we are not talking about the weather: the world climate is, as many claim, on the contrary, in the stage of warming. And the potential of dialogue and cooperation among countries, cultures and civilizations these days is passing through a severe stamina test", the organizers of the Forum note.

By their opinion, the recent events in the Caucasus, the renewed activation of Muslim extremism, including the terrorist acts in Turkey and Pakistan, "shall also be a stamina test for the dialogue of civilizations, while for the organizers and main participants in the dialogue this is seen as a test of their loyalty and faithfulness to their convictions and philosophical principles".

There will be presentations of new books, including the book by the WPF President Vladimir Yakunin Dialogue of Civilizations in the contemporary epoch in Rhodes. The organizers of the Forum have devoted particular attention to the presentation of a special Russian language publication by the influential Italian Catholic journal 30 Giorni, the editor-in-chief of which is ex-premier of Italy Julio Andreotti.

It is expected that at the Forum most interesting presentations will be made by such eminent and prestigious experts as Jacques Sapir (Professor of Economics with the Higher Education School in the area of social sciences, France), Jack Goldstone (Professor with the Public Politics School at the George Mason University, USA), Lee Seen (Professor, Shanghai University, PRC), Indian Professor of Law, Yogesh Tyagi, and many others.

Source: Interfax religion