Diocese of Backa donated two million to aid fight against corona virus

President of the Government of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina Igor Mirovic said on April 3, 2020 that 30 million dinars had been received so far into an account that was opened a few days before with the aim of financially assisting health workers in Vojvodina. The largest amount was paid in by Telecom Serbia (five million), and among the donors were DDOR (three million), as well as the Diocese of Backa of the Serbian Orthodox Church, which donated two million dinars, reported Serbian newspapers “Novosti”.

-This is money aimed to be given to health workers in Vojvodina according to public criteria determined by the Secretariat for Health. Most likely, this will be transffered to those doctors with the lowest income - said Mirovic, announcing that when all this passes, he will gather all donors to thank them personally and in a dignified way.

Mirovic also said that three brotherly provinces from China had provided assistance with medical equipment.

The aid, which includes 80,000 protective masks, a thousand protective suits, 3,000 protective visors, 20,000 protective gloves, 170,000 disposable masks and 200 contactless thermometers, will arrive at the Central repository of Serbia near Belgrade, managed by the Ministry of Health and the Health Fund. Part of the equipment provided by the three provinces of China will be distributed to the Clinical Center of Vojvodina and then distributed to health centers in the Province.

- We have been daily received equipment at the Clinical Centre of Vojvodina. We have not had any problems at all since the beginning of the crisis. I would like to emphasize the Provincial Government has also been engaged to get help without expecting it to come from the Government of Serbia - said Mirović.

Source: Diocese of Backa