Division of the state property is a new attack on the church property

Metropolitanate of Dabro-Bosnia of the Serbian Orthodox Church is annoyingly surprised and resentful at the newest attack on its property, which was illegally dispossessed by the communist regime, and the surprise and resentfulness is greater because it is being done by those who were supposed to and are expected to help in returning the seized property.

Agreement on the division of the property at Prud , and later in Banjaluka, the government officials made the decision about a repartition of the dispossessed property of the SOC.

Instead of working on new laws which would enable the return of the seized property, in this way the government officials are aligning in the same line with those who had seized the property, so they gave the robbers an alibi.

Especially we want to stress that the decision like that becomes more important if it is well known that particular churches and religious communities has got back most of their dispossessed property, while the SOC has not got back almost nothing, especially in the Federation of BiH.

We ask the government officials to renounce this intention, so that the dispossessed property of the SOC and the other churches and religious communities be excluded from the partition and returned to the real owners or at least be a case of restitution.

The Serbian Orthodox Church and the Serbian people in BiH are expecting to get the dispossessed property back and they will not stop nor renounce.

Source: Metropolitanate of Dabro-Bosnia