Eastern American Diocese: Over There, So Far Away

Visual-Literary Exhibit - "Over There, So Far Away: 1918-2018"

In commemoration of the 100thAnniversary of the Break Through of the Salonica Front (September 14thto 30th, 1918), which led to the ensuing liberation of Serbia and Montenegro (September 29thto November 13th, 1918), and the conclusion of the Great War November 11th, 1918),His Grace Bishop Irinej of Eastern America, has given his Archpastoral blessings for the Department of Christian Education of the Eastern American Diocese, in cooperation with the non-profit organization Art Exchange, and the Society for the Cultivation of Tradition and Culture of Valjevo, to present avisual-literary exhibit “Тamo Daleko: 1918-2018” / ”Over There, So Far Away: 1918-2018”,in all church-school congregations of the God-protected Eastern American Diocese, from September 16th, 2018 until June 16th, 2019. Please contact your local church-school congregation for further information- see more at easterndiocese.org.

Protodeacon Dr. Jovan Anicic, Director
Department of Christian Education
Diocese of Eastern America