Eight decades of the Christ Saviour in Rio de Janeiro

Eight decades of the Christ Saviour in Rio de Janeiro

In Rio de Janeiro the 80th anniversary of the raising of the statue of the Christ Saviour with outstretched hands, agencies reported today. 

This statue is the fifth biggest statue of Christ in the world and the symbol of the Olympic games which will be held in 2016 in Rio de Janeiro.

Hundreds of believers celebrated this anniversary last night with vigil, concert and cake of eight metres. Brazil is the biggest Catholic country in the world with 130 millions of believers.

This 38 metres high statue was constructed by the Brazilian architect Hector da Silva Costa, and the French of Polish decent Paul Landovski sculptured the head and hands of Christ. The statue is located at the height of 710 metres on the hill of Corcovado.

That place became an important destination of thousands of tourist who visit Rio each year.

This statue became an historical monument in 1973, and in 2007 it was noted as one of seven world wonders. 

Christ Saviour is the statue built on the occasion of the hundreth anniversary of the independance of Brazil from Portugal. Its construction began in 1921 when the  100th anniversary was celebrated and it was finished in 1931.

It shows Jesus Christ with open hands and turned towards the city. Figuratively, it shows Christ embracing Rio de Janeiro.

Source: Tanjug