Elder Nektarios (Vitalis), 89, reposes in the Lord

The Holy Metropolis of Mesogaia and Lavreotiki of the Orthodox Church in Greece has announced that Elder Nektarios (Vitalis), the spiritual father of the Holy Monastery of St. Athanasius in Kouvaras, has reposed in the Lord, reports vimaortodoxias.gr.

“Today, Thursday, February 3, 2018, at 5:30 AM, the versatile elder and spiritual father of our metropolis, Nektarios Vitalis, the elder of St. Athanasius Monastery in Kouvaras, drew his last breath,” the message reads.

“This elder, revered and so loved by all of us, has left behind the memory of a holy man, full of the fruits of goodness and charity. Though poorly-educated in the world, he was distinguished by Divine wisdom,” the message continues.

Elder Nektarios had been facing serious health problems lately, though he continued giving his blessing and counsel to hundreds of faithful daily, Romfea reports.

Fr. Nektarios supported thousands of souls who came to him from all over the world. His life was connected with St. Nektarios of Aegina, who miraculously healed him of cancer in 1980. Read Fr. Nektarios’ account of the miracle at Mystagogy. He founded the Pilgrimage of St. Nektarios in Kamariza, Attica in gratitude for the miraculous healing

His funeral will be celebrated tomorrow at noon at the pilgrimage site, where he will be buried.

“We all must spread Orthodoxy,” the elder told vimaortodoxias.gr several months ago. “Without Orthodoxy, we can’t do anything. We must not be traitors to our religion, to our faith. St. Nektarios is an example for the whole world; they should be emulating him. Love is a great thing. God never turns anyone away. Our Lady intercedes before God. He is on our side and guides us, but we do not really love them—our God, our Virgin Mary. In fact, we do nothing. It takes patience and prayer,” the elder said from his sickbed.

Source: orthochristian.com