UNESCO fears of cultural heritage in Syria

World cultural heritage sited endangered, among which, the old part of Damascus, antique “Cities of death” on the north, a Crusader castle Krak des Chevaliers, the old part of Bozrah, as well as the ancient Aleppo

The World organization for culture UNESCO is concerned about the cultural heritage in Syria. Director General Irina Bokova said on Thursday night in Paris that cultural values contributed to the identification of people with their country. “Destruction of one often leads to the destruction of the second”. All sides involved in the fight must protect cultural heritage, she said. The UNESCO received reports on damages of museums and buildings, as well as the theft of cultural property. In addition, there is illegal mining, since such sites are not guarded anymore.

Service of supplication for Martyr Elizabeth Feodorovna held in Beijing

In Beijing in the Orthodox Church on the territory of the Russian Embassy, a  service of supplication was held to Grand Princess, martyr Elizabeth Feodorovna. This was announced today in an interview with correspondent of Itar-Tass, said Bishop Sergius (Ivannikov) of Barnaul and Altai.

“Today’s liturgy has been devoted to the appearance of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God – the keeper of the Orthodox East,” – said Bishop Sergius. “After Sunday’s liturgy, a prayer was also chanted in her honor, and we visited the site of the ruined temple, where the remains were buried before, of other co-martyrs of the Princess - Grand Duke Sergei, the princes of royal blood John, Konstantin and Igor, and their servants – Theodore and Vladimir.

O Holy Rus, preserve the Orthodox faith as in it you are asserted!

Primate of Serbian Church thanks Patriarch Kirill for hospitality during his peace visit and celebration marking 1025th anniversary of the Baptism of Rus’

His Holiness Patriarch Irenaios of Serbia, after his visit to the Russian Orthodox Church in July 2013, sent a letter of thanks to His Holiness Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia. The letter states in particular:

‘By God’s blessing and through the virtues of Your Holiness as a generous host and the selfless work of the whole Russian Orthodox Church, we made our peace visit to our most holy sister Russian Orthodox Church and also took part in the celebrations on the occasion of the 1025th anniversary of the Baptism of Rus’ by the Holy Prince Vladimir Equal-to-the-Apostles’

Archbishop Chrysostomos: Rich is he who has Christ in his heart

The celebrations marking the 1025th anniversary of the Baptism of Rus’ in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus were over in the end of July. Among the witnesses to and participants in the celebrations was His Beatitude Chrysostomos II, Archbishop of New Justiniana and All Cyprus. His interview has been published by the prichod.ru portal.

Russian Orthodox Church to give $1 mn to Syrian residents

The Russian Orthodox Church is preparing to give over 1.3 million US dollars to residents of Syrian cities, spokesman of the Synodal Department for Church Charity and Social Ministry Vasily Rulinsky said.

In an interview with Izvestiya newspaper, Rulinsky said, "The Antioch Church's Department for External Church Relations and Development helps. Clothes, mattresses, foodstuff and hygienic essentials are being given to those in need. Thus, our assistance will be very important."

"At the end of June Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia urged believers to help those who fall victims of the armed conflict in Syria. Funds, which were collected by the Russian Orthodox Church eparchies, are being sent to the accounts of the Synodal Department for Church Charity and Social Ministry. Then the funds will be handed over to Patriarch John X of Antioch and All the East, as well as to Supreme Mufti Ahmad Badreddin Hassoun of Syria.