Statement by Bishop Angaelos on Brutal Murder of Coptic Christians in Libya

Statement by His Grace Bishop Angaelos, General Bishop of the Coptic Orthodox Church in the United Kingdom following the brutal murder of Coptic Christians in Libya

It is with deep feelings of sorrow and pain that we received confirmation earlier this evening of the brutal murder of Coptic Christians in Libya at the hands of Daesh (IS). While every life is sacred and every death tragic, the particular brutality demonstrated in this instance and others like it shows not only a disregard for life but a gross misunderstanding of its sanctity and equal value in every person.

Mount Athos Now Has its Own Smartphone Application

Mount Athos now has its own smartphone application. The user can download the free application that will remind them of religious holidays, days of fasting, Greek Orthodox feasts, while also provides all the information about monasteries.

The application includes the old calendar, which is used at Mount Athos, and the new calendar as well. It has a presentation of all Greek Orthodox feasts, information on the lives of saints, locations of holy relics, dates of religious fairs, wise quotes and advice from the Holy Fathers, detailed information on how to contact monastery administrations and clergy, and so on.

Croatia: Vandals desecrate Serbian Orthodox Church temple in Karlovci

On the night between Saturday and Sunday unknown persons broke into the Cathedral of St. Nicholas in Karlovac. Sacred and other objects were stolen, the inventory scattered and material damage was done, Gornji Karlovac Diocesan said in a statement.

Vandals broke in through the side door, it was confirmed by the priest Slavisa Simakovic, adding that they desecrated the altar and liturgical objects and books, stole part of the items, and what they did not steal, they scattered on the floor, Tanjug reported.

Winter 2015 Issue of The Path of Orthodoxy Online

The Winter 2015 Issue of The Path of Orthodoxy is now available online. Read in this issue The Sermon of St. Sava on the True Faith, delivered by Saint Sava during the first Ecclesiastical - national Council in Monastery Zica on the Ascension Day in 1220. Also, Fr. Dragan Kainovic, in his article "In the Days of Fasting" takes a serious look at how important our diet is during Lent, in light of the words and instruction given by our Lord found in Scripture. In his editorial, Fr. Bratislav Krsic, takes a closer look at the role of the so-called diaspora in the mission of Christ's Church and the role all of us play in spreading Orthodoxy. 

You'll find the Youth pages, parish news, Serbian section and much more.

Pope Francis: The blood of murdered Copts a "witness that cries out"

Pope Francis on Monday denounced the murder of 21 Coptic Christians by ISIL militants in Libya. The Islamist terrorist organization released a video of the killings on Sunday. 

Speaking in Spanish to an ecumenical delegation from the Church of Scotland, the Holy Father noted those killed only said “Jesus help me.”

“They were murdered just for the fact they were Christians,” Pope Francis said.

“The blood of our Christian brothers is a witness that cries out,” said the Pope.  “If they are Catholic, Orthodox, Copts, Lutherans, it is not important: They are Christians. The blood is the same: It is the blood which confesses Christ.''