State Support for the Clergy and the Monastic Communities in Kosovo and Metohija

Грачаница The Serbian Government’s support for the clergy and monastic communities in Kosovo and Metohija represented the central issue during talks held at the Gracanica Monastery between the Minister for Religion Radomir Naumov and the Bishop of Raska and Prizren, Artemije.

Serbian Jews Give Their Support to the Republic of Serbia and Serbian Kosovo and Metohija

"Respected citizens of the Republic of Serbia and the Republika Srpska (Bosnia and Hercegovina) residing in the State of Israel, friends of the Serbian people and followers of the order of international law, we invite you to attend a Rally in support of the Republic of Serbia and the Serbian as well as other non-Albanian population in the autonomous province Kosovo and Metohija, in view of the unilateral proclamation of Kosovo’s independence.’’

The Moscow Patriarchate is concerned with the future of Orthodox shrines in Kosovo

Одеса Moscow, February 29, Interfax - The Russian Orthodox Church is concerned with the future of Orthodox shrines in Kosovo as the region unilaterally declared its independence. When asked by the Vesti TV channel if there is a danger to lose them in result of Kosovo's independence, head of the Moscow Patriarchate Department for External Church Relations Metropolitan Kirill said: "Sure, there is such a danger."

Metropolitan Amfilohije: Kosovo is the Serbian Holy City of Jerusalem


In his sermon following the prayer service for the salvation of the Serbian people in Kosovo and Metohija in front of the Temple of Saint Sava, the Metropolitan of Montenegro and the Coastlands, Amfilohije, launched the message that the Serbian people had to say to the world that "as long as we exist, Kosovo is the apple of our eye, our heart, the heart of our heart, our holy city of Jerusalem and that we cannot renounce it, just like we cannot renounce our soul and our fate''. His Eminence Amfilohije said that "Kosovo represents a huge tribunal and that today we, the Albanians and the Americans, the British and the French are undergoing judgement in Kosovo''. The plateau in front of the temple church was completely filled with people who had arrived from the mass protest held in front of the National Parliament.

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Message of Support by Archbishop Christopher

Archbishop Christophor

Metropolitan Christopher, Primate of the Church of the Czech Lands and Slovakia, sent a letter of support to His Holiness Serbian Patriarch Pavle and to the Serbian people, in view of the unilateral proclamation of independence of the Kosovo province. His Beatidute, Metropolitan Christopher, wrote:

“Your Holiness, allow me to express my support in these days of agony the Serbian Orthodox Church as well as the entire Serbian people are passing through.