Exhibition of Christian manuscripts

Exhibition of Christian manuscripts

The Bavarian State Library in the city of Bamberg, an exhibition entitled "Treasures of eternity" has been opened.This exhibition showcases to visitors valuable biblical and liturgical manuscripts from the first half of the 11th century who have been kept in the sacristy of the cathedral of Bamberg with a collection books from the church library.

Many of these showpieces which are displayed on this occasion form the basis of the library of Saint Henry (II), Holy Roman Emperor (973-1024) who founded  the diocese in Bamberg in 1007.

The city itself owing to him became very soon a significant political and cultural centre of Franconia. The emperor then was actively involved in the reform of the church life. Today Bamberg is the only city in which the imperial collection of original manuscripts from the Middle Ages has been reserved.

At the exhibition "Treasures of eternity" one can find manuscripts which were created in the monastic centres for book production. Some of these books have covers made of ivory, gold and silver. In many manuscripts there are also illustrations and reviews of the biblical scenes.

Source: Der Staatsbibliothek Bamberg