Faithful in Khabarovsk call for rebuilding arch to commemorate 1891 visit of future Tsar Nicholas II

A meeting of the initiative group advocating for the re-establishment of Khabarovsk’s triumphal arch took place in Friday at the Khabarovsk Theological Seminary, under the chairmanship of Metropolitan Vladimir of Khabarovsk. The arch was initially constructed in time with the 1891 visit of then-Tsarevich Nicholas Alexandrovich Romanov, the future tsar and royal martyr, reports the site of the Khabarovsk Diocese.

The meeting was attended by various notable architects, representatives of the local branch of memorial preservation society, and members of the clergy and various public organizations.

“Orthodox believers support the idea of recreating the triumphal arch in Khabarovsk. We all know that the royal family was glorified by the Church as holy royal passion-bearers, and next year marks the 100th anniversary of their martyric death, therefore, for the clergy and laity of the Khabarovsk Diocese, the perpetuation of the memory of Tsar-Passion-bearer Nicholas II, precisely here, in Khabarovsk, is of special importance,” Met. Vladimir noted, opening the meeting.

Several possible locations for rebuilding the arch were proposed during the meeting. The participants also visited Komsomolskaya Square, where the arch was built in 1891.

According to the public representatives, the reconstruction of the arch in honor of the centenary of the martyrdom of the royal family would be an important event in the cultural life of the city, and the building itself would be for the decoration of the regional center.

Triumphal arches were built in several cities in the Russian Far East, including Blagoveschensk, Khabarovsk, Ussuriisk, and Vladivostok, in time with the 1891 visit of Crown Prince Nicholas. The arches were destroyed during Soviet times, though those in Vladivostok and Blagoveschensk were rebuilt in 2003 and 2005 respectively.