The Feast of Theophany in the Cathedral church in Novi Sad

BIshop Irinej of Backa: We should strive to be associates of the Lord Who is constantly appearing for our salvation, and for us to be associates in making our life - both here on earth and then in eternity - a permanent, uninterrupted Theophany.

On the day when our Holy Church celebrates prayerfully the feast of Theophany, 19 January 2021, in the Cathedral Church in Novi Sad the Lord's feast day was solemnly celebrated in the Cathedral church in Novi Sad. Great Vespers and Matin in the Cathedral church were celebrated by protopresbyter-staurophor Djordje Djurdjev and protonamesnik Goran Dimic.  During the Holy Liturgy His Grace Bishop Irinej of Backa, PhD, served with the concelebration of His Grace Bishop Isihije of Mohacs, clergy of the Cathedral church and deacons of Novi Sad.

After reading the Gospel pericope, Bishop Irinej pointed out the meaning of the Feast of the Theophany in his archpastoral sermon.

Source: Diocese of Backa