First public display of world’s only authentic re-creation of Stone Tablets of the Ten Commandments

A small company in San Antonio, Texas has re-created, as an art form, an authentic and faithful-to-scripture set of the two stone tablets referred to in the Bible. The company, HaShem Artworks, will sponsor its initial public display at the Norris Conference Centers located in Crossroads Mall in San Antonio. The exhibit will be limited to two hours-on Sunday, February 8, 2009, from 5:00PM until 7:00PM. There is absolutely no admission charge. HaShem Artworks wants the public to be able to see these authentic Two Stone Tablets so that people will know that the Ten Commandments as given in the original ancient language and which bear the name of the Deity of Judaism and of Christianity are "back" into the world as credible re-creations.

Asked why he considers this event newsworthy, A.E.Tracy Potts, the artist who re-created the Two Stone Tablets, cites the fact that in all of recorded history no other re-creation of this degree of authenticity has been done and then offered to the world for examination, reflection or acquisition. Asked why else anyone-Jewish, Christian, believer or non-believer-would be interested in experiencing, as he puts it, these re-creations of the Two Stone Tablets, he says, "Unlike some mythological artifact from pagan antiquity bearing some ancient curse by some obscure or unknown god, these Two Stone Tablets, like the ones that Moses would have carried off Mt. Sinai, bear the ancient and actual blessing promised in every Bible ever published, whether Jewish or Christian, of the Deity worshiped by its believers."

When asked what that blessing is, Potts cites the passage in the Bible where the Deity who called Himself by Name speaks to Moses just after He wrote, according to Scripture, those Ten Commandments with His Own Finger on the Two Stone Tablets. The citation, Potts says, is from Exodus (Sh'Mot in Hebrew) 20:24, and he quotes it, "In every place where I cause My Name to be remembered, I will come to you and I will bless you."

"There is," Potts asserts, "no other known place in the entire world where that Name, along with the entire text of the Ten Commandments, is engraved in the ancient Phoenician Paleo-Hebrew alphabet in rough granite of similar coloration as that of Mt. Sinai-except upon these stone tablets."