Frequent break-ins in Orthodox churches of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Croatia

In the past week it has been broken into several churches of the Diocese of Gornji Karlovci. The church bell from a church of St. Petka in Gornja Chemernica (municipality of Gvozd). Burglars did not stop at this but also have invaded the altar of the church and stole two icon lamps from the Precious Cross. One bell was also stolen from the church of the Transfiguration of Christ in Komogovina (municipality of Donji Kukuruzari). The same thing happened last year in the church of St. Petka in Glavaci near Otochac before a consecration of this church. In Karlovac a bell was stolen from the place where all bells were deposited for safekeeping after blowing up the church of St. Nicholas.

The same situation is in the Diocese of Dalmatia where everyday there are unfortunate scenes. There was a broke-in in the church of St. John in Baljci. Unknown vandals in last three years broke into the church of St. George in Knin for the fifth time. 

These actions and misdeeds towards churches of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Croatia look as if they has got a support since the moment when in the public appeared the notoriuous association of citizens with its pro-ustasha and pro-fascist ideas accompanied by attacks on the Serbian Orthodox Church in Croatia and neglecting the centuries-old Serbian Orthodox being in Croatia.

All these events have been reported to competent police authorities but so far no case has been resolved. We have sent a letter to Minister of Police Mr. Tomislav Karamarko and urged him to do everything to protect Orthodox churches, arrest the perpetrators of crimes and to find the stolen property.

Source: Diocese of Gornji Karlovci