Georgian Orthodox Church celebrate St. Nina’s Day

On January 27, the Georgian Orthodox Church marks St. Nino's Day. In all churches of Georgian Patriarchate will be heldspecial festive prayer. His Holiness Ilia the Second, Catholicos Patriarch of All Georgians, is delivering a religious service at Sioni Cathedral.

On January 26, Saint Nina's Cross was brought to the Dusk Prayer and put down at the center of the temple. This is the very cross with which the saint baptized the whole Georgia. The believers will have a chance to visit the cathedral in the evening of January 27 and worship the miraculous cross.

Thanks to the prophecy of St. Nina, all Georgians' enlightener and the equal to the prophets, the Christianity was declared the state religion of Georgia in 326, during the reign of the King Mirian and Queen Nana.

The Georgian Orthodox Church marks St. Nina's Memory day twice a year. June 1 is the day when she arrived in Georgia, while January 27 is her death day.