A giant sculpture of Christ performed by a Russian sculptor to be put up in Syria

A 33 meters high sculpture of the Savior will be put up in the place of His miraculous appearing to the Apostle Paul, where today there is the Cherubim Monastery in Kaukaba (Syria).

"We came to Syria to tell a word of truth in this holy place one more time," Archpriest Leonid Kalinin, confessor of the fund "Spiritual Heritage of the Saint Apostle Paul", said at the press conference held in the Interfax headquarters.
The sculpture is funded by this fund and the international league "Protection of Human Dignity and Safety".

The author, sculptor Alexander Rukavishnikov, has chosen the image of Christ in Majesty as the iconographic basis for his work. The sculpture will present the Second Advent of Christ as the world's Judge.

The sculpture will be made of black bronze decorated with golden strokes shining in the sun. The statue will be put up on the pedestal of a 12 meters high natural rock.

The opening ceremony of a small copy of Christ's sculpture is planned on September 24. A three meters model will be put up in the St. Thecla Monastery in Maaloula, Syria. The ancient pilgrim road connecting Jerusalem and Istanbul runs through this town.

Source: Interfax-religion