In the glory of the victims of Ustasha crimes at Stari Brod at the Drina

Stari Brod at the Drina river is  the place of a historical crime of genocide which was performed by Croatian-moslem Ustashas over the Serbian people in 1942.

Namely, realizing that the Serbian uprising of freedom and resistance to the Ustasha regime was expanding and that it couldnot be stopped by repressive measures, the Government of the Independent State of Croatia (NDH), under the leadership of the war criminal Ante Pavelic, decided to ethnically cleanse all Eastern Bosnia, modeled after Austro-Hungary’s cleansing of 1915,  especially the areas along the Drina river (Podrinje). It was decided that Ustasha colonel Jure Francetic, with the aid of the Muslim militia should cleanse Eastern Bosnia from the Serbs. Francetic designed the operation in January-February 1942 and launched it in early March 1942 with the aim that the remaining Serbs from Sarajevo and Sarajevo Polje, from the municipalities of Pale, Sokolac, Olovo, Han Pijesak, Vlasenica, Rogatica, Trnovo and the entire Central Podrinje be exterminated or expelled.