Up Goes Stage One of the Roof at Saint Sava College in Sidney

One cannot but be humbled by the dedication and service of the many volounteers who give selflessly of their time to the God-given task of building St. Sava College. The building industry in Sydney has been in turmoil over the past several months because of bad weather, but a group of dedicated Serbian carpenters is hopeful that they will soon complete the installation of roof beams and braces enabling the tiling of the College roof.

Heading the current group of tradesmen is erstwhile Slavisa Borovina who with a small but proficient crew aims to have the work on the central part of the building complete by Serbian New Year. "Given the incessant rain of late, many of us have struggled to finish our commercial jobs and we have not been able to apply ourselves to the College work sooner, "said Slavisa. "But, God willing we will get this done in the next week or so" he continued.

Mile Tanaskovic, Slobodan Josipovic, Dragoslav Jankovic, Radivoje Kosoric, Tihomir Jevdjevic and Predrag Veljovic are first class tradesmen, and in the days following Christmas, our faithful are invited to visit the building the site and see the progress being made.

Sincerest thanks to the above named men, and to our regular helping hand, Slavko Tisma for their exemplary dedication. In the attached photos, the men can be seen installing the beams over what will fortuitously be, the altar of the College Chapel which will be dedicated to the Nativity of Christ.

As I stood below them and watched them work, I could not but draw a parallel between them, the donors who have made this possible, and the Three Wise Men who came to adore the New-Born Lord. The Wise Men brought gifts of gold, frankincense and myrth, while the gift offered by our workmen and donors, is a covering over the altar dedicated the very Feast Day we are preparing to celebrate.

With sincerest gratitude and the deepest respect to all who have laboured and sacrificed towards the St. Sava College project, I pray that the Lord God - Emmanuel, bestow every blessing and grace in the coming year. Glory to God in the Highest, peace on earth and good will amongst men!

Source: Diocese of Australia and New Zealand